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Workshop Photos and Travel Updates

Back in Mt. Shasta

Hi everyone!

I would like to say a warm hello to everyone. It was wonderful seeing you all on my last trip in Japan. We now have new Spheres groups of wonderful soul family in Fukuoka where we did an activation for about 120 people at the Spiritual Convention. and other events and activations in Ise, Osaka and another group again in Tokyo. 

So I am feeling prompted to ask all of you to please open the Spheres for the Middle East fighting between Lebanon and Israel as well as the North Korean Missile Testing. Thank you all for your caring effort. We can make a difference by our efforts with the Spheres. 

It is really sweet to be back in Mt. Shasta ... to touch and immerse myself in nature for a few days before I present to a group this coming Tuesday. I am going to sleep on the mountain tonight in a tent. I will beam you all lots of loving energies from Panther Meadow.
Lots of love,



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