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Once You Have A Direct Experience Of The Light Realms &
 Your Own God Presence ... You Own It ... It Is Yours Forever!

What People Say about the Sessions...
"Ocean Of Freedom" totally uplifts and restores my energy when I work too much. Diana's singing is harmonics for my soul." -- Clyde P., California

"Felt so expanded ... just like I had been on a camping trip in deep nature for a week after listening to "Ocean Of Love". The love pouring through feeds and opens my heart." 
Ann G. Artist, Mt. Shasta

When I met Diana I knew I had met soul family. I offer many in the world assistance with their energy bodies, healing and transformation process and when I received from Diana her gift of transmission, I experienced my divine bliss within moments of sitting in session with her. A portal opened and many of Masters I work with came into the space with us and I journeyed through many planes and dimensions to meet a deeper level of my self and my heart. Such a gift as this, needs to be shared with as many as possible. So many are needing assistance at this time. Diana holds the ability to transmit large volumes of love and light from Source into your being very quickly and gracefully, assisting those parts of you in difficulty to release into the light. Rejuvenation and a new beginning for you and your soul to unite is offered through this...and such an extraordinary dynamic personality to spend time are sure to be delightfully entertained and enlightened on all levels.

Qala Serenia Phoenix,
Divine Channel for the Ascended Masters

Diana is an energetic dynamo! I experienced a great opening, clearing, expansion and deep within my soul beyond words and time.

Transmissions of energy and love from the angelic realms filled every particle of my being; an overwhelming wave of bliss and joy carried me to new heights of existence.

Diana's loving presence, guidance, integrity and years of experience makes her a gifted healer and master teacher.

Beverly Waite

"Dear Diana,

Sorry to have taken so long to contact you regarding the beautiful healing session you gave us in France. Your healing session was a truly powerful and beautiful experience which left me feeling totally cleansed and balanced - an effect which stayed with me for a long time. Far longer than any healing methods I have tried in the past. I truly think what you do is a wonderful service to people and I bless you for it.

Blessings of love & peace to you,"
Mary (Aluma)
I have had several sessions with Diana and in every one I have had a tangible experience of Higher Beings working with me in many ways. In every session I have experienced profound healing energy, clearing of emotional issues, clearing of past life traumas, integration of Presence, and always lots of information and insights. I am very grateful that Diana is making this work available as it is a great assistance in one's personal evolution and in planetary healing.

Stephanie Lash, CNHP
Certified Natural Health Practitioner
Certified B.E.S.T. Practitioner

After two sessions I feel lighter; like a breeze of spring wind embracing and touching my body and soul.

I started to notice myself becoming more gentle and being surrounded with gentle people. My thoughts are more simplified and clear.

I deal with my personal issues and I feel a sense of strength and trust within myself growing with each passing day. I take time to observe the beauty in every day life.

Thank you Diana for opening the door. Now I see and remember the great beauty in my life.

“Diana is like a Web Master connecting people to the “Inner-Net”. The energy sessions rapidly awakened my inner sight; direct connection to my master guides and a new self-confidence emerged, which I feel accounts for my new creativity and business success.”

Marsha Emanuel, Advertising Consultant, Florida
"I was so pleased with the private session because my two burning issues were answered:

1.Wanted to know my new direction in work which was given to me immediately at
the end of the session.
2. I wanted better communication with my Higher Self …AND IT HAPPENED!!!
The direct communication has greatly enhanced my life.

What a blessing …I want another session. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Christine H., Certified Massage Therapist
 “In December 2004 I sent a call out to the Universe to find me a being of light with a big heart to facilitate my complete healing with regard to accumulated scar tissue in my brain from several brain tumors which left me dysfunctional and withdrawn from the world. After several sessions I am now starting to become the dreamer and the doer as a foreign currency trader and global market forecaster with confidence and assurance knowing that I have exceeded my original capabilities. My heartfelt appreciation to Diana and The Lighteam for the gift of a new life.” - RaQuael Questar Langford IB and Globex Currency Trader
“I have worked with Diana Gazes for many years. Diana definitely opens a door bringing Heaven to Earth.” Erik Berglund International Performing Artist & Healer Mt. Shasta, CA
Your session was so loving and compassionate, I felt safe to be vulnerable and open up. I felt my heart crack open with so much old grief & shame being cleared. Years of depression lifted and my will to live is restored!” Sheryl R. Mortgage Broker, Colorado
“Diana and the Team are master healers. The arthritis in my knees that caused me great pain for years actually healed over 60% in one evening event!” - Constance Miller, Mother of triplets Las Vegas, Nevada
I was diagnosed with Ulcerated Colitis and hospitalized eleven times in eight years. After your workshop and continuing for the last three years, I have not had a single bout of colitis. You can imagine my exhilarations on being free of this affliction!”  John W. Blefko, University Student Lancaster, PA

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