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Entering “A Field of Possibility”
For Deep Clearing & Activation for the New Year

Supporting the Body & Soul in this Accelerated Time of Change

Teleconference Direct from Sacred Mt. Shasta, CA
With Diana Gazes & the Lighteam!!

Join us for an amazing Celebration and Reunion as we invite Great Beings of Light from the far reaches of the Universe to join us in opening a high frequency, quantum “Field of Possibility.” This gathering is designed to support you in gracefully moving through the great acceleration now occurring on Earth.

“The Field” is a unique interactive environment where participants often have a direct experience of the Light Realms. A new level of Health, Rejuvenation & Heart Opening occur as every particle of your cellular structure and energy rise up to match the clear high frequency of the “Field.” This increased life force energy supports you on all levels to better fulfill your Higher Purpose with Ease and Grace.

Diana Gazes is a clear transmitter of higher cosmic energies with direct connection to Angelic and Universal Light realms and the Spheres of Love. For the last thirty years, she has been leading international workshops, Transmissional Healing, DNA, and Spheres of Love Activations and Initiations, and creating media projects on the leading edge of a new way of living. Her background includes an executive position for CBS and hosting the TV series “Gazes Into The Future.” As a firm believer of direct experience, she has taught millions how to bend a spoon in union with the power of their mind, heart and spirit. She is featured in hundreds of TV/Radio/Internet interviews, books and magazines and conducts large, interactive media events. She was a keynote speaker at the London Mind, Body, Spirit festival 5 years running. She has appeared on the Good Morning Show in the US and Australia and her work has been written up in books, magazines and newspapers including Star People Magazine in Japan last month and Drunvalo’s book II. Diana lives on the slopes of sacred Mt. Shasta, California. Telephone Sessions Available Worldwide!

The teleconference process is easy! Click here to pay online.
To pay by check, contact Mindy: 203-312-0882
Once payment has been received, you will receive the number for the call.
(Check website for future teleconference dates.)

What clients have to say about Diana’s amazing work:

Diana and the Team are master healers. The arthritis in my knees that caused me great pain for years actually healed over 60% in one evening event!”
C. Miller, Mother of triplets Las Vegas, Nevada

Diana created a sacred space that took me very deep and helped me prioritize and clarify the many directions I had been pondering. When Diana called in her guides the room filled with many beautiful light beings and Masters. I saw the book I had wanted to write and I was given the title. Everything came together effortlessly. When I left I knew I had aligned with my true self again. I highly recommend her.”
Ann M. (Parashari) -Vedic Astrologer and Consultant Nevada City, California

“Diana is like a Web Master connecting people to the “Inner-Net”. The energy sessions rapidly awakened my inner sight; direct connection to my master guides and a new self-confidence emerged, which I feel accounts for my new creativity and business success.” Marsha E., Advertising Consultant, Florida

“I have worked with Diana Gazes for many years. Diana definitely opens a door bringing Heaven to Earth.” Erik Berglund International Performing Artist & Healer Mt. Shasta, CA

“Your session was so loving and compassionate, I felt safe to be vulnerable and open up. I felt my heart crack open with so much old grief & shame being cleared. Years of depression lifted and my will to live is restored!” Sheryl R. Mortgage Broker, Colorado

“I was diagnosed with Ulcerated Colitis and hospitalized eleven times in eight years. After your workshop and continuing for the last three years, I have not had a single bout of colitis. You can imagine my exhilarations on being free of this affliction!”
John B., University Student Lancaster, PA










































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