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Spheres of Love Sessions
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The Spheres of Love is a healing modality that is new to the Earth.

The love Spheres have the ability to unite all aspects of our being as well as to connect us to the unified field of love surrounding the Earth. In a session, we open a persons’ own spheres of love around their physical and subtle bodies. Once activated, a persons’ consciousness is easily able to expand and connect to the oneness of the unified field as well as their next step.

During a session, I open specific gateways to the different areas of Earth, Galactic and Universal realms where the Spheres reside. I then call for the Councils of the Spheres of Love to assist in a project, group or personal healing or clearing activation. Different locations of the Spheres of Love carry different healing qualities and abilities specific to the needs of your human, multi-dimensional selves or soul extensions.

Some Examples:

1. If you are an architect or writer, and you feel your creative flow is blocked, in your session I would open the gateway to Venus and call in the Councils from Venus. They would deal specifically with creativity matters and work with those aspects of yourself or your soul extensions that feel they cannot create, write, draw etc. They would assist in lifting whatever old limiting thought forms necessary to open your natural creative abilities to flow with ease. They would also be called in to assist you in bringing through original creation on a specific project.

2. I would call in the Council of Sirius for mind or brain issues … for shifting old limiting patterns of thinking or depression, to have the mind expand to larger perspectives, or to activate the brain to optimal levels of functionality.

To experience the Love Spheres is to experience the inter-connectedness of Self with Source and infinite planes of co-creator aspects of one’s being, forged into a new community of support and expressiveness.

Benefits include increased self-esteem, self love and acceptance, a unifying experience from separation to oneness, expansion of consciousness, enhancement of creativity, upliftment, healing, and relaxing into the truth of infinite unfolding in Grace.

Diana created a sacred space that took me very deep and helped me prioritize and clarify the many directions I had been pondering. When Diana called in her guides the room filled with many beautiful light beings and Masters. I saw the book I had wanted to write and I was given the title. Everything came together effortlessly. When I left I knew I had aligned with my true self again. I highly recommend her.” With Blessings,
Ann Muldoon (Parashari) Vedic Astrologer and Consultant, Nevada City, California

“Diana is like a Web Master connecting people to the “Inner-Net”. The energy sessions rapidly awakened my inner sight; direct connection to my master guides and a new self-confidence emerged, which I feel accounts for my new creativity and business success.”  Marsha Emanuel, Advertising Consultant, Florida

"In December 2004 I sent a call out to the Universe to find me a being of light with a big heart to facilitate my complete healing with regard to accumulated scar tissue in my brain from several brain tumors which left me dysfunctional and withdrawn from the world. After several sessions I am now starting to become the dreamer and the doer as a foreign  currency trader and global market forecaster with confidence and  assurance knowing that I have exceeded my original capabilities. My heartfelt appreciation to Diana and The Lighteam for the gift of a new life."  RaQuael Questar Langford, IB and Globex Currency Trader

Other sessions currently offered:
Deep Clearing & Cellular Healing
DNA Activation & Repatterning

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