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Spheres of Love
Activation & Initiation Event with Diana Gazes and the Lighteam

“When you open the Spheres and direct it to a certain project, enormous energies pour through you for others and at the same time your own gifts, abilities and evolutionary process become greatly sped up. This is an active service project for the Earth for balance, harmony and consciousness expansion.”
The Spheres are vast … most are larger than the Earth and are made up of Source consciousness, yet each has a specific purpose. When they are opened, they activate and expand the Unified Field of Love for your area of the world. Most of the Spheres are in the Universal and Galactic realms and some are in different portals around the Earth.

As we begin there is a tangible build up of the energies of light, divine love and many Master Beings of light filling the room. We start with a very deep clearing at the cellular and subatomic levels to release ancient patterns and thought forms that no longer serve our original divine blueprint. We then do a beautiful ceremony with language of light mantras, invocation and symbols to anchor mini- Spheres into a persons 7 major Chakras - actually bringing Universal Consciousness into the physical human body, through the grace of the Sphere Activation Masters and hand of the Father/Mother Godhead.

You will then learn how to work with and activate the Spheres in active service projects for the Earth. For example, each time people serve by opening and directing the spheres to balance the earthquake-prone grids and plates in Japan, or a doctor opening the Spheres for the patients in his hospital, or a teacher opening the Spheres for her class or entire school, their own evolutionary process gets greatly accelerated, and the perfect Spheres needed for that purpose automatically open up. Spheres have the ability to unite all aspects of our being as well as to connect us to the unified field of love surrounding the Earth.  In a session, we open a person's own spheres of love around their physical and subtle bodies.  Once activated, a person's consciousness is easily able to expand and connect to the oneness of the unified field as well as their own next step.

During a session I open a specific gateway to the different areas of Earth, Galactic and Universal realms where spheres reside.  I then call for the Councils of the Spheres of Love to assist in a project, group or personal healing or clearing activation.  Different locations of the spheres of Love carry different healing qualities and abilities specific to the needs of your human, multi-dimensional selves or soul extensions.
Sharing from recent Spheres Activation Events:

“During the Spheres activation I saw Sacred geometry and spheres of love placed within all my cells. I was told by the Master of the Spheres that all chakras and every cell with my body was activated to a highest level available to me on the planet at this time.” Alice Maria Burt, Communications, Australia

“All of our faces were shiny (radiating light) after the activation took place. Before the activation, my eyes had big dark circles around them, and after the event they were so light … almost non-existent. I felt major shifts happening within my body and noticed the change for everyone in the class. I felt amazing energy, bliss and oneness with God” Kelly, nurse, Australia

“After the activation, I went from being a very light sleeper, sometimes insomniac, to deep, sound sleep. The rejuvenation and glow we all had was a joy to behold. So grateful that the Spheres are here to help us heal ourselves and the Planet.” Wendy Hall, Pure Organics, Australia

"Diana created a sacred space that took me very deep and helped me prioritize and clarify the many directions I had been pondering.  When Diana called in her guides the room filled with many beautiful light beings and Masters.  I saw the book I had wanted to write and I was given the title.  Everything came together effortlessly.  When I left I knew I had aligned with my true self again.  I highly recommend her." Ann Muldoon (Parashari), Vedic Astrologer and Consultant, Nevada City, CA

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