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Quantum Rejuvenation

Supporting the Body and Soul in this Time of Rapid Change
with Diana Gazes and the Lighteam

Walk into a quantum "Field" of Possibility - "An Energetic Oasis"
Dance out looking Younger, feeling more Alive & Radiant, saying YES to Life!

Several years ago I had a month long experience where my body would go intermittently into sparkles of white light.  This changed my entire experience of physicality and confirmed the ancient mystics  and yogis have said for years, we are Energy!  An "aha!" moment helped me realize that by learning how to raise my frequency levels I could take the power of healing and rejuvenation back into my own hands.  I was guided to many amazing tools and techniques to support the process of rejuvenation... A rejuvenation which would turn back time and reverse the aging process.  I was inspired to create this two day workshop when my friends I hadn't seen in a long time continuously would comment on how much younger I looked and kept asking, "What is my secret?"  Well my friends, it is my joy to share this with you now!
Learn how to be an Ageless Being... Real tools for a lifestyle that supports your body & soul to gracefully move through the great acceleration and change occurring on the Earth at this time.

Each workshop will be guided to the specific needs of the group and may include:
  • Learning the basics on how to stay healthy and vibrant for LIFE
  • Understand how super foods, living and raw foods, gentle fasts and energy drinks can heal, rejuvenate and raise the life force energy.
  • How to receive food and nutrition direct from the Universal Source Bath formulas to nurture & clear the body of radiation and environmental pollutants
  • Cellular rejuvenation through light infusion practices.

  • Creating ART in your life... how to call in and work your own special Angelic Rejuvenation Team.
  • Through Divine Grace, Angels and Ascended Masters, you will receive activations to upgrade the body systems and clear old thought forms that are not part of your Original Divine Blueprint.
  • We will activate the youth and vitality chromosome through the gift of Grace.
  • You will receive a Certificate and special Activation/Initiation into the "Spheres of Love, Light and Truth" to accelerate your awakening process and service to Humanity.
Rejuvenation Mastery opens a clear path to your next step.  The clarity, strength & physical energy you experience supports the neccessary action needed to live your Higher Purpose with passion and joy!

Come If Your Heart Hears The Call...

Telephone Sessions Available Worldwide: Call 786-300-6063 to set up an Event
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