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5th Dimensional Products
from Diana Gazes & the LighTeam

The CD, "Transmission", the  DVD 5th Dimensional Experience,  and the  Cosmic Activation Photos all open a high frequency 5th Dimensional Field of energy that will support and accelerate your Evolutionary Process and activate your Divine Blueprint, spiritual gifts and abilities and Higher Purpose.

The Cosmic Activation Photos and the images seen on the
5th Dimensional Experience DVD represent many different life forms and kingdoms … Fairy Realm, Nature Spirits, Galactic Civilizations, Star family, 5th Dimensional Codes and Geometries that are being radiated through the sun, moon, stars and directly from this beautiful sentient being called Earth. I believe they are appearing on these images in order to make contact with us, to share gifts … and to reach out and say “we wish you to know we are here and would like to work more consciously with you to serve the Earth and all who live upon and within her at this important time.”

While viewing, you will energetically experience many realities that are not reported on the news … they hold important codes and keys to activate your multidimensional bodies and human mastery. Enjoy!

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Cosmic Activation Photos can be purchased individually or in sets of 5 or 15.

See all 15  photos here.



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