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Living Essence Cosmic Activation Photos

Diana has captured the Multi-Dimensional Spirit Realms around Mt. Shasta and Mt. Fuji... these photos are Activational... they Transform the viewer.

Photos are 5" by 7" and cost $10.00 each plus shipping and handling.  Minimum order of three photos please.

Save money on photos and shipping by purchasing one of our sets of photos.

Click here to see the selection of photo sets.

International shipping is available. Please call for wholesale pricing on bulk orders... 530- 926-4343.

Click on the images below for enlarged viewing and to buy now!

Photo # 1
Ascension in Action
Spheres of Love, Light, Truth and Manifestation

Photo # 2
5th Dimensional Light Body Blueprint

Photo # 3
Universal Christ Light & Elohim Being in Motion

Photo # 4
Emergence & Discovery
of a Whole New World

Photo # 5
Ultimate Light of the Universe & Activates Divine Mind

Photo # 6
A Pathway to New Creations & Future Self

Photo # 7
Venusians Female
Being in Forest

Photo # 8
Angel Flame in the Forest
on Sacred Mt. Shasta


Photo # 9
5th Dimensional Venus Light Codes "We are Dancing Light and Harmony of Love"  I magnetize abundance to your life.

Photo # 10
"Creating Alchemy and Magic"  What you are looking at is an actual fairy mound.

Photo # 11
Sacred Mt. Shasta in Co-creation with Self

Photo # 12
A multi-dimensional portal and code accelerator opens healing energy of joy, vitality and cell regeneration.

Photo # 13
"The Invitation"  This is a photograph of a doorway and an invitation into the fairy kingdom.

Photo # 14
Activation of the Spheres of Love on Mt. Fuji

Photo # 15

Spheres of Love through the Mt. Shasta Star gate






























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