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5th Dimensional Experience DVD

5th Dimensional Experience DVD

Diana Gazes and TheLighTeam

"When we have a direct experience of the light realms, we own it.  It is our forever.

Watch 5th Dimensional Experience Now!

Dimensional barriers on this planet are dissolving. We are beginning to see and interact with extraordinary realities.  These images were shot in and around Mt. Shasta and Mt. Fuji and represent many different kingdoms and life forms.  They hold important codes and keys to activate your multidimensional bodies.

All images come directly from Spirit.  Nothing is computer manipulated. 
While viewing, a 5th Dimensional field opens, fine tuning your extraordinary senses, allowing you to cooperate with other dimensions as you receive the frequencies of their transmission.  These pictures are gifts of grace from Spirit and are being offered at this time to assist the great transformation of humanity.

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Cost $33.00 (US) plus $6.00 shipping.

   Hello!  I am Diana Gazes, a traveler on the path with you...

Diana GazesI work with a group of multi dimensional master beings that I refer to as “The LighTeam”. Welcome to our world.

Everything mentioned on this page has a global presence and opens a 5th Dimensional Field of energy that supports and accelerates a person’s evolutionary process in activating their Divine Blueprint and Purpose. These include: “Opening A Field of Possibility” and Spheres of Love & Light Activation Events.

Mastery Workshops include: Tools for this Time of great Spiritual Acceleration and Challenge, Preparing the Physical Body to Receive the new Light Codes and Activating Divine Purpose. Multi-media projects include “5th Dimensional Experience” DVD, “Transmission” on the Slopes of Sacred Mt. Shasta CD and visionary television shows.

About this DVD:
Thank you for following your instinct to buy this DVD for it is truly a gift from Spirit. This is a very special time to be alive … a time where the veils between worlds are very thin and what was previously hidden has been appearing on my camera in the last year. Multi-dimensional photography has become my passion. As I walk through the mountain meadows and trails around Mt. Shasta, Mt. Fuji and other locations, I am constantly delighted and surprised to see what gifts from spirit will appear on my computer screen when I download my images. So many extraordinary things kept happening during the process of producing this DVD that a book is planned with many amazing images, stories as well as words directly from the beings photographed.

The photos on this DVD represent many different life forms and kingdoms … Fairy Realm, Nature Spirits, Galactic Civilizations, Star family, 5th Dimensional Codes and Geometries that are being radiated through the sun, moon, stars and directly from this beautiful sentient being called Earth. I believe they are appearing on these images in order to make contact with us, to share gifts … and to reach out and say “we wish you to know we are here and would like to work more consciously with you to serve the Earth and all who live upon and within her at this important time.”

While viewing, you will energetically experience many realities that are not reported on the news … they hold important codes and keys to activate your multidimensional bodies and human mastery. Enjoy!

Please feel free to contact us to set up events and workshops in your area of the world. Personal or group advanced energy sessions are available thru telephone worldwide. We look forward to your sharing your experiences with this DVD and wish you many blessings on your journey.

In loving Oneness and deep gratitude for this unfolding process,
Diana and The LighTeam
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Please call for wholesale pricing on bulk orders... 530- 926-4343.

Testimonials for 5th Dimensional Experience DVD & Transmission CD

“The DVD 5th Dimensional Experience is amazing. I’ve never seen orbs and codes of light representing other dimensional beings appearing in such a colorful, radiant and unique way. You can literally feel the spirit beings coming off the screen into the room. This is showing us the multidimensional field we are living in.”
Julia Tahira, International Oneness Teacher, Mt. Shasta, California

“Watching this DVD was a beautiful experience. I was altered on many levels. Tears of joy were running down my face.”
Liz Wilson, Media Consultant, Cooranbong, Australia

“We are selling Diana 5th Dimensional DVD and Transmission CD. Both are great sellers and I would highly recommend both for a True transformational experienced that would help one not only reconnect to the higher dimensions but experience True Mt. Shasta Energy.”
Bruce Catlin, Soul Connections (shop) Mt. Shasta, CA

”What a divine blessing! To be in nature always rejuvenates my soul, mind, body and spirit. To receive the light of the Masters always expands my consciousness and assists me to embrace all aspects of life with love. To receive both of these energies through a CD that I can carry with me anywhere and play for my rejuvenation is priceless to me. Whilst working, or traveling I am supported by The Heavenly Realms and the Earth Realms to be who I am. May you all be so fortunate to receive this."
Qala Serenia Phoenix, Divine Channel for The Ascended Masters, Byron Bay, Australia

“I played Diana’s DVD quite late at night when I was quite tired. I found it to be incredibly sweet – the spheres and codes of light were like baby tickles of light that ever so softly and gently rejuvenated my soul. This also lifted the tiredness from me. I really enjoyed the DVD. Thank you for this beautiful gift."
Qala , International Workshop Leader, Byron Bay, Australia

”My son Brandon, an 11year old boy, had the experience of breathing out of his nose for the 1st time in 7 years while listening to the CD TRANSMISSION as Diana was playing it while teaching an advanced healing class In Las Vegas. I now play it in his room each day to assist his health and his homework."
Ellen, Energy Practitioner, Las Vegas, NV

“I play the CD Transmission for centering and opening my consciousness during my business flights to Japan as well as in my office to assist in opening creativity. It brings Mt. Shasta’ beautiful energies to me whenever I plays it.”
Robert Federico, Architect, New York, N.Y.

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