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DNA Activation & Repatterning Sessions
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Returning to Your “Blueprint of Perfection”

DNA Activations returns a person to their “Blueprint of Perfection.” This is a beautiful healing modality that comes from the higher realms as a “Gift of Grace” to assist us in activating our latent or what science calls “junk” strands of DNA.

It is now possible to activate many more than the two strands most people have currently activated for accelerating conscious evolution. Each of the strands activated carries great gifts and abilities, helping us to step into our true authentic self. We also activate the Youth & Vitality Chromosome, which slows or reverses the ageing process. Strands currently activated are regenerated and returned to a more perfected state.

Genetic levels from our parents going back many generations are cleared of physical, mental or emotional negative energies. Clearing of old limiting patterns and disease signatures allows your true essence to shine forth.

Benefits: People are experiencing such effects as heightened perception and intuition, expanded use of brain, release of toxic metals, environmental pollutants and increased health, often looking and feeling rejuvenated.

They get “switched-on” like a light bulb to the vast potential they process. The sessions open a clear path to their next step. The mental clarity and higher physical energy people experience supports the necessary action needed to follow their vision.


“Since receiving a DNA Activation, I have been symptom free of Lupus for the last three years “  Deneen P., Teacher, No. California

“I have never felt so directly connected to my own inner guidance and the higher realms. I now know I am never alone. Fear of world events have left me.”  Stefanie L., Artist. New York

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