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Deep Clearing & Healing Sessions
“Broken bones in two toes healed in a session. I walked away from the session without needing my crutches!”  -- RaQuael Questar Langford, IB and Globex Currency Trader, California, USA

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This is often the first session recommended on the inner planes. It is very deep and comprehensive work. Many incarnations of old consciousness is cleared away. Healing on all levels, physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual are worked with. Clearing of old, often ancient energies of fear, grief, and abandonment issues held frozen on sub-atomic levels for centuries often get lifted.

Old cording, entity attachments, and implants rapidly get released. Energetic pathways are opened and cleared for the meridians, chakras and organs. Environmental pollutants are cleared from the physical and subtle light bodies. Deep heart clearing opens the way for loving new relationships.

When people are unplugged from the collective consciousness planetary grid of fear and victim consciousness they feel a great freedom, joy and lightness. Life is embraced with great hope and enthusiasm again.

People have expressed seeing themselves in spirit hospitals or psychic surgery occurs in the subtle realms when more serious physical conditions are being healed. Higher physical energy, mental clarity, more creativity, expanded consciousness and rejuvenation often occurs from the great inflow of light from spirit.


“I have worked with Diana Gazes for many years. Diana definitely opens a door bringing Heaven to Earth.”

-- Erik Berglund International Performing Artist & Healer

“Your session was so loving and compassionate, I felt safe to be vulnerable and open up. I felt my heart crack open with so much old grief & shame being cleared. Years of depression lifted and my will to live is restored!”
-- Sheryl R., -Mortgage Broker, Colorado

"Diana and the Team are master healers. The arthritis in my knees that caused me great pain for years actually healed over 60% in one evening event!"
-- Constance Miller, Mother of triplets, Las Vegas, Nevada


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