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"Once You Have A Direct Experience Of The Light Realms &  
Your Own God Presence ... You Own It ... It Is Yours Forever!"

Diana Gazes...

Diana Gazes is a clear transmitter of higher cosmic energies with direct connection to Angelic and Universal Light realms. Diana leads International Workshops, Group Transmissional Healing Activations/DNA sessions and opens the 'Spheres of Love', a healing modality new to the Earth.

Media background includes: executive position for CBS, hosting TV series "Gazes Into The Future", featured in hundreds of TV, radio, book, magazine, internet interviews and is currently developing new media projects supporting the awakening of conscious evolution. As a firm believer of direct experience, Diana has taught millions how to bend a spoon in union with the power of their mind, heart and spirit. Diana lives on the slopes of Mt. Shasta, California.

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Diana Gazes & Team
PO Box 495
Cardiff by the Sea CA 92007
Phone: (786) 300-6063

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Diana is an energetic dynamo! I experienced a great opening, clearing, expansion and deep within my soul beyond words and time.

Transmissions of energy and love from the angelic realms filled every particle of my being; an overwhelming wave of bliss and joy carried me to new heights of existence.

Diana's loving presence, guidance, integrity and years of experience makes her a gifted healer and master teacher.

Beverly Waite

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